How To Wash Down Jacket Top Guide 2021

A lightweight down jacket should be in the middle of any fantastic backpacking list (check out our listing of this Finest Down Jackets to view that our favorites). You will wear it just about every night on the road. It is going to keep you toasty warm, even after spending hours crammed into the bottom of your package. Your down coat is going to be put through the ringer at the back, but it is a challenging bit of equipment built to take the abuse. Therefore, considering how crucial your down jacket is and how many times you use it, allow me to ask you this: When was the last time you cleaned it?

Yeah… that is exactly what I believed.

Showing your down some love will eliminate stains and scents, but more importantly it will revive the insulating material of your jacket . The more attic your jacket gets, the better it’ll be at keeping you warm, that’s the entire point.

Many backpackers are frightened to wash down since they believe becoming wet will destroy it, but that is not really true. You can (and should) wash down your sleeping bag too. When down gets wet it clumps together and loses its attic, so it works badly at holding in warmth. Nevertheless, when it is properly dried and cleaned, down will fluff up like fresh and hydrates your body far better.

Additionally, washing a down coat is super simple . It is going to require a bit more time than washing regular clothes, but it is worth the attempt. To wash down your coat, all You Will Need is:

Down wash

A front loading washer

A drier with reduced warmth

Three blank tennis balls (or unique dryer chunks )


For wash wash, I Suggest utilizing Granger Down Wash, Gear Aid ReviveX Down Wash, or Nikwax Down Wash. I have used all of them and they work really well. You can use a normal detergent, but I would not suggest it. Regular detergents can render scents and residue that are really hard to wash ouout, andhey may even strip a number of those natural oils in the down. If you must use a normal detergent, then we advocate Woolite – it is much more gentle on clothes than other detergents.

To get a washing machine, it is generally better to utilize a front-loading washer since it’s going to be more gentle in your jacket. Top-loading washers may occasionally snag and tear gear. I have used both kinds of washers to wash down coats and I have never caused any harm, but I have a tendency to be quite careful with gethe gears like. If you are concerned about your top-loading washer, then consider taking a visit to a laundromat in your town.

Washing down your coat:
To begin, use a little bit of stain remover or wash to take care of any grubby spots.

Put your coat in the washing machine onto a warm cycle (not hot or cold) and place at the wash as directed.

Allow the coat run through the cycle then operate it one more time with no detergent to make sure all the soap is removed. NOTE: For extra protection, you have the alternative of utilizing Down Proof following your finished wash cycle using Down Wash. This optional measure will make sure that not only will the casing capture a reapplication of DWR, but likewise the feathers inside your coat.

If it is time to wash, use a really low heat setting on your dryer and throw three wash tennis balls to help split up wet clumps of down. If you do not have some tennis balls, then you can put shoes within clean socks or create sock chunks as a replacement.

The drying process will be gradual, but it is the most significant part, so be patient. It typically takes approximately 2-3 hours to wash a lightweight down coat. Do not risk frying your coat fabric by turning the heat up.

Pull your jacket from the drier each 15-30 minutes to break up any clumps which may be forming. The longer your coat dries, the easier it’ll be to eliminate clumps.

You will understand when your jacket has completely dried when it’s soft, light, and clump complimentary .

Make sure that your coat is totally dry before packaging or compressing it. Compressing wet can damage the insulation properties of your own garments.

Consistently keep down your coats and sleeping bags uncompressed at a dry and clean place.

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We hope this guide helps you reestablish your favourite piece of equipment. To learn more about critical considerations to take into consideration when purchasing a down jacket, in addition to a number of our top picks, check out our Best Lightweight Jacket guide. As always, please make a comment below in the event that you have some suggestions, questions, or tips. And when you found this guide useful, click on the tiny soul button below to provide us an electronic high five!

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