Why is Insurance so CHEAP in USA and so EXPENSIVE in the UK?

I ‘ve just seen some 18 year old American kid get his first car and it was a bloody mustang, i commented and asked him how much he pays for insurance he said $300???? How is that possible? Here a it would be probably like 30k a year!! Whys insurance in america so cheap and here so expensive?

The question arose and there was a lot of debate. Readers share their own opinions that…

“We also have to pay for the shipping of the car over to the UK, higher taxes and the US have very basic models, which we don’t get. Our Mustang here have the performance pack as standard, which puts the price up even more” co_brit said.

“I was thinking about this and my thoughts are, if everyone switches to driving EVs, fossil fuels will be stored in abundance. The prices will have to go down as demand will be lower than usual. Someone correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think a battery exists efficient enough to power all the freight vehicles we have in the World right now including Container ships, AIrplanes, 18 wheelers, only Freight Trains because of Continuous Overhead Electrification etc so there will still be a demand for traditional fossil fuels for a long time, unless we adopt alternative technology. Also let’s not forget the rate of EV sales maybe going up in developed countries but developing countries are still using ICE because of lack of EV infrastructure and funding, it is uneconomical of them to switch so quickly to a new form of energy.” IC_101EN said.

“This may be true but tax applies only by nation so won’t affect developing countries, developing countries can rightly argue that the first world has benefited in terms of development from the use of fossil fuels which has allowed them to facilitate the move from fossil to renewables an opportunity they never had to the same extent. Limiting fossil fuels works quite well in the current market due to demand but in a market where there is a reduced need for fossil fuels, demand will go down and this strategy will become in operable because the reduced demand will give to greater competition for sales. Imagine having 10 tomato sellers in the same market place, none of them will willingfully limit the production of tomatoes so to sell at a higher price because they need that money more than ever because there ia an oversupply and significantly reduced demand and this is when battering is rife! This will always happen, its how business operates, right now oil companies are sitting on a high horse but this won’t be forever, soon (but in the very distant future)they’ll be sat on ponies and other energy companies will take their place on the horses, and they will have to remind themselves of how to become competitive again lol” lostCluckerN said.

I guarantee it’s $300 a month. Insurance is more in the US.

I moved to the US and had an Evo IX as my first us car, it was $2600 for 6 months insurance. I was 32.
Next 6 months was $1200.
I currently run an Audi S4 and a Toyota RAV4. Insurance is about $2300 for both my wife and I for the year
MrTech said.

“It’ll be $300 a month, policy for policy the Uk is cheaper.

That being said, earnings are massively higher in the US, Job for Job the pay is usually considerably increased. So it’s not as much relative to income, but premiums are still higher than ours.

They also insure the car not the driver, so there’s less variation. Here, a 40yr old and a 18yo on a Mustang would have thousands of pounds difference in the cost of their policies, not the case in the US” Solicitor said.

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