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hello this is chef john from food wishescomm with cherry chocolate loaf that's right I am very proud of our bananabread recipe which is why I adapted it for this amazing cherry chocolate lookand while cherries of course aren't anything like bananas this really didwork out extremely well and if

you're wondering why I called it cherrychocolate loaf instead of cherry chocolate bread I'm not sure forwhatever reason it just seemed like more of a loaf but anyway speaking of loafinglet's finish this intro and get started by prepping our cherries and hopefullyfor this you're gonna find yourself a couple

cups of fresh cherries althoughif they're still not in season you can use frozen for this but if you are usingfresh you will have to pit them which is super easy if you have one of thesePitters and if you don't just Google pitting cherries there's all kinds ofvery cool

tricks for that but anyway if you see one cherry pitted you've seenthem all so let me skip ahead to when I was done and like I said we're gonnaneed about 2 cups of these and then besides the chairs we're gonna need tomix up our dry ingredients which will

include some all-purpose flour a littlebit of salt some baking powder and baking soda and raise your hand if youincorrectly guess Cayenne I knew it but not today and as usual we'll goahead and give that a quick mix with a whisk to make sure everything is evenlycombined at which

point we'll set that aside andmove on to our wet ingredients before those we'll start by creaming a stick ofbutter with a little touch of sugar using a spatula and what we'll want todo is smear and smash that until it's very light and creamy and this task is8,000 times

easier if your butter is nice and soft which for a change minewas and speaking of easier yes of course you can do this with an electric mixerbut doing it that way you are not going to get your heart rate up unless ofcourse your tie gets caught in the

attachment so I like to do this manuallyand then what we'll do once our butter and sugar have been successfully creamis go ahead and whisk in two eggs but definitely one at a time okay there'snothing butter hates more than having liquid emulsified into it so if we addedboth eggs

at once the mixture would basically separate and it would take avery long time for it to finally come together but if we get one emulsified infirst then it's a lot easier to whisk in the second oneand this will also be a lot easier with an electric mixer but

an electric mixerdoes not build character oh and a little tip room-temperature eggs will mix ineasier than cold eggs since cold eggs will make that butter stiffen up andthen what we'll do once both eggs have been incorporated and our mixture isbeautifully smooth and creamy and light we will completely

rock that by addingsome yogurt and a little bit of vanilla extract and by record I don't meantaste-wise those things are gonna taste good but Imean wreck it visually okay you can only emulsify a certain amount of liquid in astick of butter and two eggs is just about how

much so when you stir this andit's gonna kind of look separated and sort of granular but do not be alarmedlooks to the contrary everything is fine and you'll see once all the ingredientsare added we're gonna have a gorgeous looking smooth batter and then whatwe'll do once that set

is go ahead and add our cherries after we chopped themwhich I like to do by pulsing on and off in a food processor but if you want youcan also do those on a cutting board with a knife although if you do it in afood processor you do preserve

all the juices but either way will work so youpick I mean you guys are after all the drew carey's of how to chop yourcherries but either way what you want is something fairly coarse and then oncethose are done we'll go had an Adam in along with about a

half a cup ofcoarsely chopped chocolate or if you want dark chocolate chips are fine but Ithink these hand-cut chunks and shards look a little nicer in the loaf andthat's it we'll give that a quick stir with our spatula before adding our dryingredients and it was right about here

when I realize I'd forgotten to add mychopped walnuts which was kind of surprising since they were like 18inches away but these things will happen which is why whenever you're stirringsomething I always try to remember what you forgot so I stirred those in as welland yes this does not

look good but don't worry as horrible as that looks assoon as we stir in our dry ingredients which is what we're doing next this isall gonna come together into a beautifully smooth batteras you will see so we'll go ahead and add our flour mixture in and stir it

inwith our spatula and as usual we will only mix this until the flour justdisappears and then we will stop because our batter will be done and would itwreck it if you stirred it longer than thatnot really unless you did it for a long time but it's more of

a question of whydo you steer something that doesn't need it and then what will do once we'relooking at a beautifully formed batter in our bowl let's go ahead and transferthat into a lightly buttered loaf pan and as we do that we want to make surewe're pushing that batter

down into the corners with our spatula as well as ofcourse even out the top and that's it we'll go ahead and give that a littleshake and then the old habit app' before we transfer it into the center ofa 350 degree oven for about an hour or so or

until it's nicely browned andlooks like this which definitely looks like it's done but we got to make sureso we'll go ahead and poke a toothpick into the center and if it comes outclean your loaf is done and minded and then what we'll do is let this sit inthe

pan cooling for about 15 minutes before we very carefully remove it andplace it on a rack where we will let it cool completely before we slice it inservice and yes you can actually let it cool all the way in the pan but not ifyou're gonna do what I'm

gonna do next and that would be to apply nice thinicing to the top while this is still warm and to make this kind of icing allyou have to do is take some powdered sugar and stir in enough milk until youachieve something with a consistency of a thin pancake

batter and then we'll goahead and drizzle and brush that over the top and the reason we want to dothis on a rack and not in the pan so that we get those super sexy drips goingdown the side oh yeah it's a proven scientific factthat when it comes to

icing people love drips and can you blame them I mean lookat that so we'll go ahead and glaze that asshown and then once that's been iced like I said we'll let that cool all theway down and by the time that loaf is room temp that icing will be

dry to thetouch at which point it is ready to serve up so let me take a knife andslice it in to see how we did and you know what it looks like we did prettygood and I don't know about you but for me there are very few combinations

thatgo together better than cherry and chocolate which is just one of thereasons I enjoyed this so much okay it's a child one of my all-time favoritesweets were those cherry cordials that whole cherry and syrup covered in crispydark chocolate man I love those things and above and beyond the

cherry andchocolate I'm also a big fan of fruit nutsand those walnuts I almost forgot and adduced the right amount of crunch witheverything being held together in a beautifully moist not too dense texturedloaf so I really did love everything about this and I should have known thatanything based off

our banana bread recipe was bound to be amazing and I waskind of thinking of branding this as a breakfast or brunch item but it woulddefinitely also work as a dessert and just to make sure I'm gonna have it bothways but no matter when you enjoy yours I really

do hope you give this a trysoon so please follow the links below for the ingredient amounts a principlewritten recipe a much more info as usual and as always enjoy you

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