COSTCO FOOD HAUL! Top Asian Frozen Foods & Snacks to Buy

what's up cuties you may have noticed oh is this a new background yes ah clipped off my mic okay what's up cuties i am back i have moved yes this is a new kitchen i also have two new children to me i adopted her when she was a

kitten oh thank you for the kisses so yes i am i moved into new place i'm with children now so obviously adulting and how are you guys are you guys doing okay since we're probably all at home and becoming quarantined chefs so we're probably stocking up on a

lot of grocery and what better place to stock up on grocery then at costco go go costco so in this video we're doing a huge costco food haul and i'm going to review some of the best asian snacks and frozen foods at costco sesame no kitties on the

counter okay let's get started with this costco food tour oh my gosh you like the light it's like wrapped around there and then it's going all the way back excuse me where's the food section the food section it's like oh i just walked around this whole floor okay

all right we're back in business oh trash can i kind of need one it's like way too big for me though this is you gotta be kidding me welcome ladies and gentlemen so we're gonna start with number one which actually is not yet available at the east coast

costco but it's available now at the west coast costco and in taiwan costco and that is this you may be thinking oh wait a minute tj those look kind of familiar and you are correct sirs and ladies you know when you fly eva airlines or china airlines and

you get like a little snack pack in the beginning that's them this is them and they must have seen our airline reviews because they're sponsoring this video so these munchie packs are now available at costco in the us and in taiwan they have slightly different boxes this is

the us one and you can see all the different snacks you can get let's open it up look at this wow this packaging is so pretty yeah i love it there's like sakura flowers on there it's beautiful these try good snack pack of almond and rice crackers have

rice puffs to curry rice crackers to garden herb rice crackers roasted green peas to norimaki i mean it's really the ultimate munchie bag whenever i get these snack packs on the plane i literally just like and finish it it's like sweet savory salty crunchy all the good things

that a snack pack should have okay but seriously i grew up eating these rice crackers they are so so addicting you'll probably finish the whole box pretty fast so if you guys see these boxes at your local costco be sure to lift one up and put in your

cart look at this boxes and boxes of pocky oh man i don't even need to buy pocky or tell you guys about pocky to say that this is yes for me oh there's three different flavor ones too these kinder bars fantastic okay everybody so these right here the

golden island pork jerky highly recommended by friends we're gonna try it pork jerky but it's korean barbecue flavor oh it smells so good oh my god it's like a whiff of sweetness like a sweet glaze oh it's like very sticky and oily which means it's good hmm definitely

tastes like that sweet marinade you put on your korean barbecue it's kind of crazy it's like very sticky on the outside it's almost like they dipped it into the sauce and it just stuck onto the jerky there's like little bits of sesame seeds and it's definitely more on

the softer side but i actually like that with my jerky super easy to rip and enjoy it's good now we're going to back up they have a box of mochi oh my lord is not made for short people look at this a foreign assortment and there's matcha taro

red bean flavor white don't mind if i do just put in my car i'm opening this up we're gonna see how big the loach cheese are so oh okay they're like little packs of eight of different flavors they're a lot smaller than i thought i don't know why

i thought they were gonna be gigantic we're gonna try the red bean one because i have been missing red being mochi it doesn't smell like anything very very soft this is what it looks like super powdery super soft feels very fresh surprisingly not as the inside it's good

but i can taste a little bit of like the artificial flavor in it it's still good though and the texture of the mochi is all there that's what it looks like the matcha one's definitely better the great thing about the matcha one is you can almost taste the

matcha tea almost like they pour like some matcha tea in here this is pretty good not gonna lie i'm just surprised you can get something like this at costco whoa these look good crispy coconut rolls somebody tell me if these are good okay okay so there's a really

popular brand that sells like salted fish skin we tried it before at the singapore 7-eleven i feel like this is like a knock-off brand it kind of almost looks similar in packaging you like low-key i kind of want to try this salted egg fish skins let's try this

all right you guys open it up and i'm gonna smell it it smells pretty good okay what the even is this all right okay so this is the bag this is look how much it's filled it's like it's like this much filled you tricked me you tricked me

it's not it's not that filled however you can see like the skin the chippy skin the skin chips skin chips see if this is good [Music] it's almost too much salted egg coating too bready and too grainy and it kind of just like crumbles apart in your mouth

in a bad way i think the one we tried in singapore it was more like chips it was more crispy and a nice crunch this one just kind of crumbles so unfortunately this is gonna be a no for me i'm so sorry i'm gonna give one last try

sorry we're now heading into the frozen food section so exciting let's go so i want to show you that they have shrimp tempura although based on reviews online because i watched a few there's a lot of breading and not a lot of shrimp so the better option is

if you're craving that like crispy shrimp is to go with the panko shrimp right here so it's just about that oh all right guys i'm buying a couple of things that is really good right here japanese a5 wagyu 125 for about like half and a pound and a

half i ain't got money to spend 100 something on meat are these steamed dumplings right here bigo ibigo i'm not saying that right they have a couple of like wontons and dumpling stuff at costco this one we're gonna try so this right here is just show you ramen

there's chicken and vegetable in there i personally recommend if you guys are craving like asian noodles that are microwavable and at costco i would go with this one the hand wrapped shrimp wonton ramen okay everyone now it's time for the frozen foods so this is bibigo bb gold

babe go microwavable steamed dumplings so these are soup dumplings they call it steamed dumplings and let me see heating directions microwave use only so they only want you to microwave this you guys frying baking or reheating is not recommended for this product okay microwave dumplings let's try it

it comes in little packets like this kind of falling out of the package so it comes with packets of sauce like this so we'll take one cut the corner of the bag to allow steam to escape height place the packet directly into the microwave on heat for two

minutes and while this dumpling cook back to tj at costco oh my gosh look at this gigantic jar of kimchi you could gigantic i put in my cart that's what's happening right now oh oh they're steamy they're really flat when they were inside but they look like they

puffed up a little bit oh there's like soup tripping i just had a taste of that sauce it's like super vinegary is that soy sauce guys oh sorry sesame mommy's working all right quiet on set cats running around don't they know i'm doing all this i'm getting sponsored

and stuff all for them like how am i supposed to buy cat treats and cat food usually i think you're supposed to put this on a plate but i just moved so so let the laziness begin they're definitely just looking at it super doughy this is what it

looks like kind of flat but it's all about the inside all right wow it's not bad it's not bad at all for two minutes soup dumpling it's obviously quite doughy um compared to like regular soup dumpling where the skin is really really thin and soft it's actually quite

filled it has a nice chew it's savory i love that the sauce is vinegar stays true to soup dumplings there's something you microwave for two minutes this is pretty good there's kind of some juice inside it too pretty good all right okay i'll see i see you bb

go baby go to the next one i remember buying these for the first time and i bought it because they were shrimp wonton and there's something about shrimp and wonton that just gets me all jazzed up i tried it it was actually really really good this is the

shrimp wonton ramen with new choi it says hand wrapped shrimp wonton with japanese style ramen you get six of these little noodle bowls so this is what it looks like inside honestly pretty impressive like you can see the shrimp wontons noodles some veggies microwave for two minutes after

it's done stir in a microwave for another two to three minutes is ready all right you guys when you want to enjoy this you can add chili garlic sauce so even though it's wonton noodles um the noodles here are not really the egg noodles they're a little bit

thicker here we go my shrimp wontons are kind of falling apart i have to say i'm super impressed with how big the shrimp piece is like the strip wontons are pretty gigantic noodles are soft they have a good chew to them the soup is like a chicken broth

nowhere close to actual wonton noodle soup but it definitely satisfy the craving when you want like some type of noodle soup these are good if you play around with the flavor and add more sauce in there i like adding chili garlic you can drizzle some sesame oil in

there you can add a bit more soy sauce like a teaspoon of it or you can add sriracha and just drizzle that over it definitely needs a little bit more of a hoof to it these shrimp wontons are definitely the star of this bowl all right this is

my smize my mask mice it looks like i'm high when i'm smiling but i'm smiling that's a no that's not a no or yes it's just uh you can buy package udon and then add it to some like veggie or chicken broth and it would it would taste

the same if not better actually but that that just looks not good y'all this right here dried pork which is pork floss this is a definite yes okay you can add it to congee add it to rice add a top of tofu add it to your sandwich i

mean it's freaking delicious another one vienna sausage i mean sausage pork floss hell yeah oh my gosh you guys look i'm always raving about dragon fruit and they have bags of frozen dragon fruit here oh it's almost running out though so it's very popular three pounds for ten

dollars not bad actually really really good oh no way are you serious all right sorry honey you got you gotta go because this oh hell no you guys tainan style noodles what the oh wow just full of surprises here oh yes oh my gosh oh my all right

we're going to try we have to troll my gosh all right folks i'm feeling pretty good about the selection of asian snacks and foods here at costco i mean they have this hooked up so i'm going to bring it back to tj in the kitchen to finish off

sampling a few more things okay okay i'm so sorry chef marimoto okay i've been to this restaurant it's really really good however these noodles right here tainan style noodle with the original sauce pack i mean oh my gosh these are like springy chewy noodles with sesame oil sauce

it's so fragrant and slurpable and it's just like take me to noodle by the way i just moved so i only have one pan am i boiling water in a pan absolutely correct i am what you gonna do about oh my gosh i know what to add to

it okay hold on i wasn't able to find this when i was in person at costco but now when i was shopping online for costco delivery i found it and it's this chinese sausage chinese sausage is so good you can pair with rice you can put in fried

rice you can saute it with some cabbage oh it's so good you can put it on top of congee i mean really the possibilities are endless but what we're gonna do is i'm gonna put some of this on top of our noodles and so these are actually really

really easy to make you just need to boil them or you can steam them so i'm going to boil some water for my ramen noodles and some of the sausage and then let's put it all together [Music] it's ready oh yes you guys did you see the noodles

it was like thready and thin when i was pouring in the sauce i could just smell that fragrant sesame oil goodness tastes like home i have to admit i overcooked these noodles a little bit you were just supposed to put in the water for like two minutes but

i was like moving around the camera and i forgot so that's why mine looks a little bit stickier so the sauce because it's kind of a mix of soy sauce and sesame oil it really clings on to the noodles so you can taste so much flavor it's definitely

a little bit on the savory salty side um but because of the fragrance of the sesame oil it just balances out so so well oh my gosh [Music] but the sesame oil sauce it really tastes like home okay story time so i don't know if anyone would know

what this is but in pindong um i grew up in pindong and me and my mom and dad will always get something called jamuja which is gigantic there's like this gigantic hot pot inside there's like cabbage and meatballs and then there's also like pieces of duck where you

can get chicken and they always have sesame oil noodles on the side and this tastes just like it i mean i think one time we also went to a night market in taipei that had sesame oil noodles as well yes i remember ah this brings back so much

memory i'm just i'm happy it's at costco so if you guys have it at costco be sure to pick one up add a fried egg oh my gosh add some bok choy oh my gosh wow now i'm going to cry memories all right sirs and ladies last but

not least it would be a crime to to not mention this in a costco asian food hall okay and that is ling ling's now before the haters come at me and say ling ling's on real dumplings okay i know that all right okay it's just you guys okay

so i spent a lot of my like middle school to high school years in southern california and in southern california you know you basically drive everywhere and costco is kind of like a bi-weekly thing and we always have a bag of frozen ling ling stock in my freezer

so while i understand that there are other better tasting dumplings and yes it's not exactly authentic it tastes good to me and i think it all comes down to how you cook it and you really have to make sure you get that beautiful pan fried crispiness because they

are pot stickers i have to say you guys i don't agree with the panda and the fact that it's called ling ling's like it's 20 20 they should really change it to something else like i don't know dumpity dumps you know you can you can tell that i've

been filming this for a while when i just start rambling random stuff well actually i do that in the beginning anyway so i guess you can't really tell [Music] ah good old ling lings oh my gosh this bring back so much memories you guys have to tell me

if you grew up on these two because i can't be the only one who like who like just love these because of memory they come with a sauce packet that you can warm up and you can drizzle on top i paired it with some of the kimchi that

we bought from costco if i bought it i might use it lots and lots of filling very very savory very pillowy almost so usually dumpling fillings is like pork right so this is chicken and vegetable it doesn't taste like as savory or as juicy as other pork dumplings

however it's just one of those things that like you grew up eating it and so it just tastes good definitely make sure it's crispy definitely pair it with the sauce oh look at that oh my gosh whoa this cocoa kimchi is so weird well you guys oh man

i bought a whole jar of that that costco kimchi is not so good um it's a lot spicier if that makes sense but in like a sour way like a spicy sour way like it's really really tingly it's super fermented yes that's the word it's super super fermented

all right i think i'm gonna use those kimchi to make like tofu soup i probably wouldn't eat it by itself it's actually not not as legit as like the jars that you can get at h mart for sure all right folks so there you go that was a

gigantic costco asian food and asian smack haul my gosh please don't ever try to eat all of that in one day okay and i promise you guys i bought veggies from classical too okay i'm not just eating microwave and snacks all day obviously you guys some of these

foods are not very authentic tasting but they are good if you don't have a lot of asian like options around you or if you're just craving for that quick snack and for the amount that you get for the price it's really unbeatable comment below which of the items

that we tried in this video would you love to try and also if there's like special items at your costco that maybe we didn't show here or that you really love because i know that you can get like different snacks or different foods across different costcos i know

it's been cool give this video a big thumbs up shout outs to tri good for sponsoring this video don't forget to pick up a pack of these delicious goodness they are literal munchie heaven i am now on to my third bag because i ate a one yesterday i

couldn't resist remember if you're at the taiwan costco you can get this box and if you're at the us costco you can get this box i will see you next time are you guys i'll see you guys next time all right sirs and ladies i'll see you next

time i'm just i'm lagging bye [Music] you not only get crackers you also get a cat say bye mochi bye everyone [Music] do you guys remember like maybe a couple of months ago when it was really hard to get this and people were like fighting over this oh

good times huh this is what it's like to be an adult and make your own money you can buy whatever you want all right i think we're done with this [Music] section you

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