Foods To Never Stockpile How To Make Long Term Food Storage Last

foods to never stockpile how to make long term food storage last covid 19 coronavirus pandemic second wave reset lockdown food shortages hi it's AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper have you been working on your long-term food storage stockpile stocking your pantry prepping filling buckets of beans and rice long term dry foods for emergencies once you have enough food that you know you're prepared you know that you have the food that'll last the longest amount of time that youhad planned then what do you do well all of thisfood was supposed to be food that you are willing to actually eat now is when you rotate these foods through your regular meal plan does it mean you only eat your stored food stockpile no but you incorporate the foods that you've stockpiled into your regular mealplan maybe one day a week you make a mealjust out of your pantry or each day you use one item out of yourpantry because you're supposed to be storingfoods that you actually will eat then you need to use your food rotateyour food and resupply your food once you haveyour stockpile it doesn't mean you stop shopping and you just eat what you haveyou use some of your long term food storage stockpile foods and replace the food and that's how you keep your food stockpile being a large amount of food and in the amount of food that you need you want to maintain the amount of long term food food storage stockpile that you haveyou can shop for food things on sale you know what foods you're using and maybe you'll add a few new food items ones that you didn't know about before but the anxiety of having enough food to eat in an emergency having long term food storage can actually go away you can be satisfied and know that you stockpiled foods that you're actuallygoing to use and that you're using the foods there are foods that we like to have inour pantry and maybe even have a few extras to last for a few monthsbut there are some foods that you shouldn't ever stockpile foods to never stockpile because they're not foods that are designed to last foods things that have multiple ingredients foods things that with oil there are foods that we like to have in our pantry but we shouldn't necessarily stockpile them there are foods that weshouldn't stockpile because they're not designed to last for long term food storage they may be foods that we like to have that we have a few extras on handbut they shouldn't be just stored away for an unknown future eventhere's a tip oil will spoil foods things that have oil in them are just not going tolast like dried foods like rice beans oatmeal lentils peas those kind of foodshave very low moisture content and they don't really have any naturaloils in them so that's why they'll last and last oil will spoil it will go rancid when you have foods that are combination ingredients maybe you have a package of rice and beans but it has an oil or a seasoning packet content in it that's the part that will spoil and so even if the rice by itself or the beansby itself would last for 30 years when it's in a combination it all goesout of date and becomes no longer safe to eat when the first ingredient goes spoiled in it what are some foods that we like to have but we should never stockpile forlong-term emergencies that are in your pantry that are in apackage that are easy to open and eat yeah the dried things foods that we love like cereal crackers microwave popcornmuffin mixes baking mixes these are all foods that are delicious and we lovethem but they're combined with many ingredients a lot ofthem even have preservatives because the manufacturer even recognizesthat these foods don't last can you have them in your pantry yes rotate out those pre-packaged foods that aren't going to last they're goingto become stale or they're going to spoil because of the oils that are inthem and even find a substitute that youcould store in your long-term food storage stockpile and a way to make those foods last longer if you like to eat crackerslook for something like pilot bread or saltine crackers they don't have any oil in them and so pilot bread and saltine crackers they're going to last a lot longerstore them in an airtight container and they can last for a long timebut things foods like wheat thins triscuits club crackers it's nearly impossible to make those last longer you can store them in an airtight container but the oil in them is justgoing to continue to spoil and degrade and go rancid and it's they are not going to last for a long time so rather than try tostockpile those foods crackers away for long term food storage buy enough that you can use them upwithin the date on their package and enjoy them then replace them so thatyou have an additional supply of the crackers you like to eat as you use it up your crackers replace it and add it the new package to the back of the shelf behind the ones already on the shelf so that you keep rotating the food it forward first in first out when you buy a new food item one put it at the back of the shelf andpush the other older foods ones forward so that you use those first if you likecereal that's great but don't stock up on so much cereal that you can't use it eat it before it goes stale or spoiled you canhave the cereals you want and continue to use them but just like the crackers when you use up the box of cereal buy another one add it to the back of your food stockpile stash you can also choose something like foods long term oatmeal to put in your long-term foodstorage you can store some oatmeal away in an airtight container and it will be there for you fresh to eat for the next 30 yearsmicrowave popcorn yeah movie night let's make some popcorn butthose microwave popcorns are not designed for long-term food storage stockpile you can buy regular popcorn seal it up in an airtight container and it popcorn can last for 30 years baking mixes are great especially thingslike muffin mixes bisquick type mixes all thekind of box mixes that are really good but because they have so manyingredients and a lot of them have oil and fat in them they muffin biscuit baking mixes aren't going to last for a long time in your food storage but you can get enough baking mixes to last for a year or two then rotate through your muffin andbaking mixes when you use some replace them but don'tjust put them the new boxes of baking mixes aside for the next 10 years and count on them being there because some of those foods just won'tlast you can find pancake mixes and baking mixes that aresealed up in number 10 cans that are already packaged to lastlong term or you could try sealing some of them in a long-term food storage container but just remember they may not last forthe 30 years as long as say beans and rice other dry bulk foods that can be stored to last long term food storageso plan to use and rotate those baking mixes in a reasonable amount of timedo you like brown rice it's great it's nutritious it's delicious but brown rice it's full of oil it's just not going to last in long term food storage can you use brown rice in your food storage yes but don't buy more than you could use upin maybe a year and a half brown rice just doesn't last you canbuy your brown rice in packages that you can rotate through your food storage meals but then also buy some white rice and put it away white rice can last for 30 years if you can't ever have any more brown ricethen you have white rice that you can fall back on it's better to have areplacement food that's something you're willing to eatif you can't get the foods that you choose to eat granola bars are great they're delicious they're simple to eat but they are not going to last either in long term food storage because they're combined ingredients buy enough that you have the stockpile of granola bars that you will want to use before their best buy use by sell by date because foods like granola bars energy bars that date it actually kind of is an expiration date you can get them to last a littlelonger by storing them in an airtight containerbut they're just going to continue to degrade and spoil because that's just the nature of the ingredients I did have clif bars energy bars that were one year past the expiration date that were just as delicious as the day I bought them so I was very pleased about that while Ilike other kinds of granola bars energy bars I do buy some of those Clif Bars too because I can count on those lasting a little bit longer for long term food storage granola isn't exactly the same as a granola bar but you can buy food storage granola that's already sealed in a number 10 canand it can last on your shelf for decades canned foods are great to stockpile for long term food storage but when it comes to canned fruits they have a low acidity in their ingredients and so the canned fruits just don't last as long as other canned foods that's the canned food item that I'vehad the most problems with is canned fruits I've had them bulging I've had them leaking I've had canned fruits that spoiled you can't count on canned fruit lasting as long as you can say a can ofbeans or a can of meat they just don't last as long so buyenough fruit that you have some but then rotate canned fruits within the best by use by sell by date that's on it you don't want to have an emergency and you go to your pantry andall of your cans of fruit are no longer good or safe to eat what's one of the options for having long term food storage fruit get some of the dehydrated fruitsyou can buy them in number 10 cans that are alreadysealed that can last for up to 30 years there are alwaysoptions for short term food storage and long term food storage but when it comes to the foods thatdon't last go ahead and get those foods but only enough that you can rotate thembefore they're going to be spoiled it doesn't make sense to spend your fooddollars on food that you're not going to be ableto eat and gets wasted because it's spoiled nuts are delicious and great to have but they're loaded with oil one of the ways to make nuts last longer is to store them in the freezerbut they're still only going to last for a year or two maybe three so don't buy so many nuts that you can't use them up in a reasonable amount of timehave enough and then as you use the nuts replace them buy more peanut butter is the same way I have had jars of peanut butter that were severalyears out of date that were fine but I've also had some peanut butter that were rancid they were no longer good to eat as soon as I opened the peanut butter I could tell that it was spoiled we all have those foods that end up getting pushed to the back of the shelfand they don't get rotated in the right amount of time so yes we do all make those mistakes and it's just the way it is it's part of life but don't plan on putting foods away never touching themand counting on them to be there still good to eat unless they're foods that are designedto last a long long time long term food storage do you like coffee well it's great tohave coffee on hand but don't plan on stockpiling coffeelonger than you know that it lasts the only coffee that I know that will lastlong term is the instant coffee and you can putthat away for 20 years but if you want to have agreat cup of coffee you need to be rotating through your coffee and don't stockpile so much that you can't use it up before it isn't any good anymore and remember there are enemies of foodstorage so make sure you store food in a cool dark dry place in an airtight container whether you use a bucket a jar orplastic tote put stored food in something that the critters can't get into then check your food periodicallycontinue to use it rotate it and replace it and then you'rewell on your way to having the things food that you need no matter what the futurebrings if you liked my video I hope you'llshare it with someone else who might enjoy it learn more at alaskagranny.

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