Katherine & Rachael Try New Foods!!!

hey guys it's Katherine and Rachael and theweeks theme on sevensupergirls is freestyle so we're doing for you todayis trying a bunch of weird food that we haven't had before from different placesand we're gonna rate them on a scale of one to ten based on how much we likethem

let's get started first we're gonna try all of these baconthings from the United States of America so first we're gonna try the bacon candyso apparently right there supposedly where the candy comes from it looks likea regular candy but it smells like a dog treat on the count of

three one two three think it's sweet but then it has like alittle bit of a meat taste but I gotta be worse I'm gonna give it a five out often same with me bacon frosting Wow me delicious it actually tastes good like bestdoesn't even taste like bacon tastes

like sugarsmells bad tastes good I'm gonna give it a four out of ten I'm going to do six frosting I think it should taste alittle bit like bacon these are bacon mints and they smell so bad right as you open them there's a verystrong smell and they look

like just your average everyday mints but you'renot fooling anyone cuz these smells so bad like no everyone knows that they'renot regular so we're gonna try one see if it freshens up our breath just tasteslike a regular mint but a little bit like meat and it smells really bad

Idon't like this I'm gonna give it like a 2 out of 10 same fresh bacon gumballs the only kind of gum you need everyone at school is gonna want some of your gumwhen you have these delicious-looking things just look at that color itdefinitely tastes like bacon actually like

this oneI'm gonna give it a seven out of ten I'll give another six from the exoticland of Idaho we have an Idaho spud organic if it's better than the baconstuff I'll be happy what that's not what I was expecting Ithought it would be like covered in peanuts but

it has like coconut okaybreak off ooh it has stuff in the middle not actually looksgreat actually it's kind of good yeah okay one two threemm-hmm I'm gonna give it a seven point five out of ten giving it an eight inthe half Marmite from England it's kind of

likeVegemite but I don't know if it's different if anyone's from Australia orEngland tell me if Marmite and Vegemite you're different cuz and then we willknow that what does even Vegemite you put it on your toast we've got our toaston the count of three one two three [Rachael wails]

zero zero I was like how do people eat that I'mconfused because that just tastes like pure bitter salt and grossest No thankyou we're seeing if England can redeem itself with these jaffa cakes and theyare just like chocolate and orange cakes so see if they're good Angel Helos mmmm

this is good i like it 8 out of 10 Katherine: 9 out of 10 nextwe're gonna be trying Tim Tams and they're from Australia and they say thatthey're the most irresistible chocolate biscuit we'll be the judge of that mmm very irresistible give it a ten Ithink this is

a Twix just with more chocolate I'm gonna give it a ten of ten sothese we believe are called topkuss and they're from Germany and we're not surewhat they are but they look like chocolates so that's good I can never betoo sure we're gonna try one of these milk

chocolotta white chocolate darkchocolate ooo mysterious so my favorite was the milk chocolate and mine was the darkchocolate and we both didn't really like the white chocolate overall I would givethis an 8 out of 10 d I give it another 9 this is our lastone we're trying and it

looks really interesting this is japanese-style redbean mochi oh this has the weirdest texture ever it's like dough looks like dough very interesting powdery I can't taste anything it's like not enough flavor but atthe same time the flavor is gross 1 out of 10yeah 1 out of 10 well

we had a little bit of fun today we got to try lots of new thingscheers to Tim Tams good job Australia we'll see you guys next week bye

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