My Tips for Tracking Your Food Intake (For Weight Loss)

– On our 10-Pound Takedown Challenge, we don't track calories or macros or things like that.

We just want you to get to thechallenge and keep it simple, but in our custom programand coaching groups, yeah we track.

So what are some tips andtricks to keep you on track and keep you on course? (upbeat music) First of all, I suggest youpick up a “My Success Journal.

” I wrote this book and it is90 days worth of tracking.

It's a great way to talk about your, we track the date, the day, your weight, your sleep.

How you feel and threethings that you're proud of.

So that's a little bit moreof a general tracking book, but if you're on a custom program or you have accountability with us, you're gonna wanna get a tracking app.

I love Lose It! I've tried a lot of differenttracking apps out there and believe me there area lot of apps out there.

You can use the one youwant, but I like Lose It! And the great thing about Lose It! is that hey look it knows every kind of food and every kind of restaurant out there, and it's gonna really help you dial in and figure out what you're eating, how much you're eating andwhat it's doing to you.

The reality is you can't remember what you're eating.

You won't remember, I know for myself if I don't write it downor if I don't log it, if I don't track it, I willnot remember what did I, did I remember that ordid I eat that today? Did I eat that yesterday? What did I have? How much did I have? No.

Our Code Red Rebels on a custom program, they pre-measure pre-planand pre-log all their food the night before.

That's what makes Code Red so successful, and then the next day they eat according to their pre-planned meal.

Nobody flies by the seatof their pants on Code Red.

That is just not what we do.

When you are forced to measure your food and you actually have to logexactly how much you're eating, then you realize how much that food is.

Eyeballing doesn't work.

We don't want anybody eyeballingon our custom programs because you're alwaysgonna estimate wrong.

You're always gonna estimate too low when you eyeball.

So we definitely don'twanna eyeball our food.

We wanna measure every drop of every gram of every morsel of everycrumb on a custom program.

You wanna pre log it.

You wanna get it all measured.

Get it in your logging app and make sure all your numbers jive beforeyou eat a single drop.

I promise you if you'releft to your own devices, you will overeat.

The reality is that people will put things in their mouth all the time.

I mean if you mindlesslygo through your day and you're not on oneof my custom programs, you're not beingmeticulous with your food, you're actually eating things all the time without even knowing it.

It's mindless.

It's mindless eating.

That's what it comes from.

You're putting a coupleof cashews in your mouth and a slice of cheese and then it's your leftover kid's chicken nuggets, bites, licks, taste those BLTs add up and I'm telling you many ofpeople have gotten fat of BLT.

So tracking your foodintake is a great way to keep you on course to make sure that you're not overeating and then you're notgoing over your numbers.

So if you have a customprogram with us, you know, I have been very militant about this.

On our 10-Pound Takedown Challenge, We don't log and we don't track.

I just want you eating off the food list.

I want you following the rules, and I want you trackingyour water, your sleep, and your weight each day.

And it's a great way to dipyour toe into the lifestyle.

So join the 10-Pound Takedown Challenge and it's a great way to get started.

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Do you track your food? Are you on a custom program with me? If you are, you do track your food, but if you're not, I would love to hear what you do to stay on trackand keep your progress tracking and I'll see you on the next video.

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