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hello this is chef john from food wishesdot-com with roasted smashed potatoes that's right we're gonna smash and thenroast potatoes which will create something gorgeous and appearance thatfeatures the ultimate in potato recipe texture the proverbial crispy andcrunchy on the outside and yet soft and fluffy in the middle and

please do notconfuse these with the other thing people call smashed potatoes which arejust mashed potatoes where people were too lazy to peel the skins off alrightI'm not a big fan of those unlike these which I'm a huge fan of and what we'llneed to get started is some medium

sized Yukon Gold or in my case yellowfinpotatoes which of course we've watched carefully because we're gonna eat thisgun's and what we'll do is add them to thispot along with some nice cold fresh water and we will place those over highheat and also add a fairly generous amount of

salt alright that's about athird of a cup of kosher salt two about three quarts of water which might seemlike a lot to people that just add a pinch but that really is one of the keyshere and then what we'll do once this comes up to a simmer is

lower the heatto about medium-low and let these simmer gently until they're tender and otherthan giving them the occasional stir there's really not much else to doexcept wait for these to cook to the perfect doneness which is just tenderand of course we will test those with a small sharp

knife and while wedefinitely don't want these super soft and falling apart we also don't wantthem undercooked and still firm otherwise we're gonna have issues whenwe try to smash these and the last thing you want when you're smashing somethingis issues so like I said we will go until these

are just tender at whichpoint we'll drain them very well and then as soon as they're cool enough tohandle or before well go ahead and transfer them onto a sheet pan whichwill allow them to cool a lot faster alright because we want these to coolall the way down to

room temp before we refrigerate them and while we're waitingfor that to happen I'd like to do one optional step whichis go around the side of each potato with a sharp knife making very shallowcuts through the skin like an eighth of an inch deep all right maybe like fouror

five on each potato and the reason I like to do this is because potato skinsare very tough and sometimes when you smash them all thisskin will sort of stay together on one side and all the fluffy potato from theinside will kind of smoosh out the other side so

by making these cuts once theseare smashed that skin will split a little more uniformly and will hopefullyhave the same amount of skin all the way around right so that's my thoughtprocess here and it may or may not make any huge differencebut regardless once those potatoes of room temp

we'll go ahead and pop them inthe fridge until thoroughly thoroughly chilled okay overnight is best but theymust be totally cold before we smash them and roast em and then the onlyother thing we're gonna have to prep here is our garlic herb butter whichwill do by melting a stick

of butter over medium heat along with some freshrosemary and thyme and a whole bunch of thickly sliced garlic and by the way youcan use chopped if you want but we're actually gonna use that sliced garlic asa garnish later and I think it's gonna look a lot nicer if

we do it like thisand then all we're gonna do here is cook this stirring until that garlic juststarts to turn translucent and softens up okay we are gonna cook it a littlemore later but for this stage all we're doing is infusing the butter with thisgarlic and herb and

the garlic shouldn't really take on any color at this pointso what we'll do when it looks like this is simply turn off the heat and reserveuntil needed and then once that's set we can pull ourcold potatoes out of the fridge and get to smash in but before that

what we'lldo is prep a pan which as you can see I've lined with a Silpat and we'll goahead and generously butter that all over as in very very generously and bythe way I should mention that these will cook and get crispy or faster if youjust use a bare

metal pan or a foil pan all right so this setup will take alittle longer but the advantage is you don't have to flip them halfway throughthe roasting but anyway once that set we can pull our cold potatoes out of thefridge and get to Smashing which I like to

do between some plastic using sometype of flat heavy object and I got a little excited on this first one and didit too thin but that's okay as long as it doesn't fall apart it'll still workso we'll want to do the next one a little thicker but anyway one

smashwe'll go ahead and season the top with salt pepper and cayenne and I carefullyflip it over and do the same to the other side at which point we willtransfer that onto our pan and please note for filming purposes I'm only doingone pan here but in real life you'll

probably use acouple pans making sure to spread them out nice and evenly so they're notoverlapping alright so let's try that again only this time we won't smash itquite as then okay I'd say about a half-inch thick is perfect and by theway some people like to do these all

once by pressing down on the top withanother sheet pan but personally I prefer to do them one at a time and notjust because I'm paid by the hour all right I think we have a little morecontrol plus these only take a few seconds anyway and we can make

surethey're seasoned properly but anyway if you want to do them all once go aheadI mean you are for all the Steve Nash of how you smash and then what we'll doonce our potatoes have been smashed seasoned damp and let's go ahead anddrizzle on and brush over a ton

of our garlic infused butter all right don't beshy we want a lot of butter so these get nice and crispy and crusty and that's itonce these have been severely buttered we'll go ahead and maybe sprinkle alittle more seasoning over the top if we feel the needat which point

these are ready to transfer into the center of a 450 degreeoven for about 35 to 45 minutes or until very well browned and extremely crustyand while we're waiting what we can do is put that garlic in there back on thestove over like medium-low heat and cook it until

those garlic cloves start tocaramelize and turn a nice light shade of golden brown okay we don't want to gotoo dark so I'm gonna turn off the heat when they look a little something likethis and then what we'll do once our potatoesare done is spoon this garlic over the

top to create a beautiful and extremelydelicious garnish so this step is optional but also mandatory and that'sit once our potatoes have cooked long enough we'll go ahead and pull them outand not only should they look stunningly beautiful they should sound very crispyand crunchy oh yeah Fork don't lie

and ifeverything's gone according to plan the bottom should be just as crusty andbrowned as the tops and we'll go ahead and serve immediately transferring thoseon to some kind of warm platter at which point we'll go ahead and spoon overthose soft and sweet garlic slices or garlic confit if

you like things thatsound French and that's it once garlic I went aheadand finish off with some freshly snipped chives and that my friends is just anamazing possibly perfect platter of potatoes whether you serve those as isor the side of sour cream and chives like I'm doing here and

I think onereason I love this technique so much is that it's sort of like eating all myfavorite potato recipes at once okay with that beautiful buttery crustyexterior surrounding that soft light fluffy interior it's sort of like homefries meets mashed potatoes meets french fries meets potato pancakes only betterand

of course herb infused butter along with soft sweet sticky slices of garlicdon't hurt either and if you're thinking sure that looks delicious on that plateall by itself but what it also worked next to some roasted turkey smothered ingravy well yes yes it will it will work very well

andby the way that turkey our scene was a little bit of an experiment I didcooking a turkey upside down very quickly in a very hot oven ok believe itor not I cooked like a 16 pound bird in just about two hours and it actuallycame out surprisingly nice so

stay tuned for that little adventure but in themeantime I really do hope you give these amazing roasted smashed potatoes a trysoon so please follow the links below to get the ingredient amounts a printablewritten recipe in much more info as usual and as always andyou you

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