Try To Resist Eating Harry Potter Foods | People Vs. Food

– Oh! (laughs)I'm so happy right now! – My mouth is watering.

– I mean, how bad can the punishment be? ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) How do you feelabout Harry Potter? – Love Harry Potter.

– Oh, I love Harry Potter!- Ugh, I love, what are we doing? – Oh yeah.

– Please tell me it's food! – Oh yeah, please, come on, come on!- (FBE) It's food! – (both) Yeah! (laughs) – (FBE) Well today, we'll bechallenging you not to eat the amazing foods mentionedin the Harry Potter books.

If you can get throughall four dishes without eating anything, we'll serve you a final winning food for you to enjoy.

If not, you'll be getting a punishment food at the end of the episode.

– Aw man.

– Hell no, I ain't doing no punishment food.

– Aw man.

– Harry Potter punishment's not good.

You don't want that.

– That doesn't sound likeit's gonna be good.

– No, no, no.

– (FBE) Carlos, you have a Get Out Of Punishment Free card.

– Yes!- (FBE) That means you can eat every single food in this episode today.

– Yes, finally! – (FBE) And still enjoythe winning dish.

– Finally, it's my first one too, so sorry Tori.

I know we just met, but.



– You know what? I'm a Hufflepuff, I'm not jealous! – (FBE) Our viewers may also have noticed that the title of this videois a little bit different.

All Try Not To episodesat FBE are moving over to the Try Not To Channel, however, we know how much our audience loves food content, so we wanted to keep this show here with a slightly different name.

Suck it Kyle, these episodes are staying on the REACT Channel, so Can You Resist EatingHarry Potter Foods? – Oh, can you resist?Oh, resist! – Can you resist?Okay! – (FBE) So for today's episode, we won't be showing you movie clips, instead, we've animated a few book passages from the seven Harry Potter novels.

– You animated them?- Cute, okay! – Wow! – (FBE) You guys readyto see what the first food's gonna be? – Yeah!- Yes I am.

– (narrator) She tapped the pot again.

It rose into the air, flew toward Harryand tipped over.

– What is it? – (narrator) Mrs.

Weasleyslid a bowl neatly beneath it just in time to catch the streamof thick, steaming.



– Thick steaming.

– Thick! – (narrator) Stream of thick, steaming, onion soup.

– Ooh, an onion soup!- Ooh, that sounds so good right now.

It's raining outside, and (sighs) perfect.

– (FBE) So first up, we havea very warming dish from everybody's favoritehome cook, Mrs.


Served to Harry late at night.



– Oh my.



– (FBE) This steaming onion souptastes as magical as it looks.

– Bro, it's hot too!- French onion soup! – It's actually hot!- Damn! – Oh my God.

– As much as I, God.

– Oh it smells so good.

– Oh my God, can you just smell that?- Perfect, I smell it.

No, I smell it.

– Come on! – That smells like a hug.

– I know you're a big fan, and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so you feel me?Why am I trying to convince? I'm like go eat, go have a good time.

– Yeah.

(laughs) – I don't know!- Just lose, who cares! – I love onions, but, I'm also hanging out with Eric tonight, so I feel like for the sakeof my boyfriend, I shouldn't eat all of this! (laughs) – Wanna indulge?- I don't know! – I mean, how bad can the punishment be? (laughs) – Alright, hold up, hold up, hold up, pause.

Ooh, say less.

(Faith sighs)(buzzer rings) (buzzer rings) – Oh my gosh, it's so good.

Ugh! – (sighs) No! – Mrs.

Weasley, thank you!(Tori laughs) – Hmm.

(buzzer rings) – This is Harry Potter, this smells so delicious.

Um, yeah, okay.

Oh, damn, I don't want the.




(buzzer rings) – Sometimes, you know, it's fun doing bad things, just for.



– Is it worth the reward dish though, that's the question, I don't.



– That's a hard question.

Do it!- I'm gonna hold off on just this one.

– Look, I get like 10% of the flavorwhen I smell it, so I'm good! – You gonna eat it?- I don't think I am.

I really want to though.

– I just feel like whateverthe reward is is gonna be so good.

– That's true.

– That I'm not gonna do it.

– That was, I can't believeI'm saying it.

That was worth the loss.

That was worth it.

– (narrator) He had never had any money for sweets with the Dursleys.



– Oh, dessert? – Oh my God.

– Ugh, dessert! – (narrator) He was ready to buyas many Mars Bars as he could.

– Ooh! – (narrator) But the woman didn't have Mars Bars.

What she did have wereBertie Bott's.



– Every Flavored Beans, yep.

– (narrator) Drooble's Best Blowing Gum, chocolate frogs, pumpkin pasties, cauldron cakes.



– British people havethe best descriptions for food.

None of our stuffsounds as good.

– (narrator) Never seen in his life.

Not wanting to miss anything, he got some of everything and paid the woman 11 silver sicklesand seven bronze nuts.

– Is that drool I see on your.



– I know, I'm like, my mouth is watering! (laughs) – (FBE) So a ride onthe Hogwarts Express wouldn't be complete withouta treat from the trolley! – Yo! – (FBE) Just like Harry didin Philosopher's Stone, we got some of eveything.

Pumpkin pasties, chocolate frogs, Bertie Bott's Every Flavored Beans, and licorice wands.

– I'm doing it! – Oh my.

– Those look good.

– Aw geez, Rick.

And there's like chocolate underneath! – Crap!- Oh God! – Oh, the pumpkin pasties! That's were it.



– Ooh! – Oh! (laughs) I'm so happy right now! – Is the chocolate over there?- Look at this, yes! – I'm not a big fan of licorice, they look really cool.

– (FBE) It's a caramel licorice.

– Oh, that makes it even better!- Then that sounds alright.

– Just look at 'em, they're like listening.

– Do it, do it! – (whispers) Oh my God.

(Mikaela sighs) – Man.

– This looks good, crap! – But this, like, you're like oof.

– Yeah.

My mouth is kinda wateringlooking at it.

– We could totally just likesplit it, split it, split it, split it.

– I want a pumpkin! – Oh! (laughs)- I want it.

– Okay, we gotta do cheers.

– I said I wanted something sweet.

– We'll cheers it.

– And I'm gonna stand by my word.

Cheers! (laughs)- There you go.

(buzzer rings) (buzzer rings) – (smacks lips) Can you hear me smacking? – I'm just gonna with the.



– What is this one? – I think licorice?- (FBE) Licorice wands.

– Is it chocolate licorice?Is it caramel? (buzzer rings) – I don't know what it is, but it tastes good to me.

– I could pass, I like hot foods.

– If you're passing, it's not worth it.

I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna do it, I'm not gonna do it! – I'm gonna pass, this is really hard, but I'm gonna pass.

– Okay, well if you're gonna pass, then I'm gonna pass.

– What?- 'Cause that's.



When I get competitive, then I'm like okay.

– Okay, I don't think we'reactually competing though.

– Everything's a competition.

– You're right, it's a competition, and then I'm gonna win.

(Mikaela laughs) – I just wish I was actuallyon the train, but like this is second to best.

– Right? (laughs) – Hi, I'm Mary, I'm one ofthe producers for the REACT Channel.

– And I'm Kyle, a produceron the new Try Not To Channel.

– And Try Not To is going to be amazing.

It is taking over Laugh Challenges, plus they have a whole bunch of great new shows.

– (Kyle) We've got comedianstrying not to be funny.

We've got Try Not To MoveUltimate Duel, we've got Try Not To Fightor Break Up.

– But don't worry, FBE and REACT, we're still making all those videosthat you love, so watch us, watch them, subscribe to everything, and you're gonna be good to go.

– Don't subscribe to everything, just subscribe to FBE, REACT, and Try Not To.

Don't subscribe to everything else, it's too much! – (narrator) At that moment, a voice said.



– Gumbo?- Oh, this is during Goblet of Fire.

– (narrator) It was the girlfrom Beauxbatons who had laughed duringDumbledore's speech.

She had finally removedher muffler.

A long sheet of silvery-blonde hair.



– She's hot.

– (narrator) Fell almost to her waist.

(Mikaela laughs) She had large, deep blue eyes, and very white, even teeth.

Ron went purple.

He stared up at her, opened his mouth to reply, but nothing came out, except a faint gurgling noise.

– What? – The Beauxbaton girlsare just that hot.

They make you gurgle.


(laughs) – I don't really knowwhat we're being served right now.

(Izzy laughs) – (FBE) So next up, we have some bouillabaisse, a French fish stewthat Fleur likes almost as much as Ron likes Fleur.

– (both) Oh! – This looks really pretty, but seafood terrifies me.

– It smells fire.

– Look, is this a soup? (laughs) Or a stew?Which one is it? – God, I love shrimp.

I'm like, I'm really eyeing that shrimp over there.

– I would eat this, but I'm actually allergic to fish.

(laughs) – I'm in so deep though, that like, I either just resist the whole timeor I try it, I don't know.

– Watch this.

– Oh, okay.

There's some nice shrimp in there.

– Mm-hmm.

(buzzer rings) Mm-hmm, mmm.

You better shut your face! – I like, have never wantedthe prize more than in this episode.

– Interesting.

– 'Cause it's Harry Potter.

– That's true.

– There's some tasty [censored].

– Go, do it, do it, do it! – You just want me to lose with you!You don't want me to get the reward dish!- Woo! (laughs) – The one thing that freaks me out though, is I hate eating stuffthat reminds me that they're animals.

So I'm like, the shrimp, I'm with, but this mug still has his face on.

(both laugh) – I'm gonna let Faith have this one.

She's enjoying herself.

– I think I'm good.

(laughs) – As hard as it is, I'm gonna pass on this one, 'cause I'm just like, I'm in too deep.

– Nope, not doing it.

– Eh, we'll pass.

– Nope!- Okay.

– Let's do this!I done lost.

I ain't never been so happy to lose!(Labib laughs) – (narrator) “Oh, forget it, “said Hermione, irritably, and the pair of themspent the rest of the meal.



– Oh no! – (narrator) Harry was too usedto their bickering to bother trying toreconcile.

– I already know I'm gonna eat it.

(laughs) – (narrator) Better use of his timeto eat his way steadily through his steak and kidney pie.

– Oh, okay, I was I was getting.



– Steak and kidney pie? – (narrator) Then a large platefulof his favorite treacle tart.

– So British.

– (FBE) So two of Harry'sabsolute favorite foods.

– Ooh!- (FBE) Steak and kidney pie, and a slice of treacle tartfor each of you.

– Ooh! (laughs)- Ooh! – (FBE) Are mentioned overand over and over again in the books.

Can you resist Harry's perfect meal?- No.

– It's hard.

– I'm interested in the.



– Steak and kidney pie, I've actually had it.

– I haven't.

– Yeah, in England.

– Yeah, I'm about to do this one.

Faith, you can have both of these right here.

I'll try this one, if you wanna, you know, a trade.

– Oh, I'm gonna do, I'm gonna try this one too.

– Oh, oh, okay, I'm just.



– I'm all in right now.

– I was just seeing if you wanna share.

(buzzer rings) – It kinda looks like mushroomsa little bit.

– Hmm.

– I'm gonna try it, let's see.

– Alright, just describe it to me.

(laughs) – Let's see, one, two, three.

(Tori laughs)(buzzer rings) Oh, it's so good.

– But I get 10% of the flavorjust by smelling it! (laughs) – Are you gonna cave?I'm not gonna cave.

– It all depends, are you gonna cave?- I'm not gonna cave.

– Alright [censored] it.

(laughs) (buzzer rings) – I don't want moreof the punishment, 'cause, like I, ugh! Are you gonna eat the pie?Tell me what the pie tastes like! (laughs)- Okay.

Sorry, it's still in my mouth.

– I'm like eat it and describe it to me.

I feel like a person that's on a diet.

– It sounds good, it looks good.

I'd probably eat iton any other day, no questions asked.

– Do it, do it! – I'm in too deep, no I, I'm not, I'm not.

– Do it!- I'm gonna wait.

– It looks so pretty, it's like quilted really nice too.

– They put a lot of that stuff on it.

– It feels disrespectfulto just leave it alone.

(laughs) (buzzer rings) – It's so, I haven't hadanything like that.

– Not bad! – The aftertaste is kinda lemony though.

– Mm-hmm!- It was really good.

– Holy [censored].

I'm not kidding.

I feel like you're missing outif you don't eat it.

– It's alright, it's alright!We're in it to win it! – Now I feel like I've justmade it so far, I've never made it this far.

– You wanna win.

– I wanna win now.

– I'm gonna resist too.

I want the dub.

– Wow, okay.

– Dubarino.

– (FBE) Alright guys, so it's time for the winning dish.

Tori, since you've alreadyeaten some food today, you won't get to sample this.

Carlos, you've got thatGet Out Of Punishment Free card.

– Yep, that's what's up.

– (FBE) So you can eat thisif you want, are you ready? – Yep, I'm ready.

– (FBE) Here we go.

– I'm gonna be jealous if it's amazing.

– (narrator) “Out of the way, out of the way!” sang Mrs.

Weasley, coming through the gate with.



– Is that cake? – (narrator) Giant beach ball sized snitch floating.



– The cake! – (FBE) Seconds later, Harry realizedthat it was his birthday cake.

– (gasps) A snitch cake?What is that? – (FBE) Suspending with her wandrather than risk carrying it over uneven ground.

– Damn it! – What kind of cake is it?- It's a cake! No matter, all cakes are great! – (FBE) This stunning golden snitch cake, was served at Harry's 17thbirthday celebration.

– Wow, this is so pretty! – I'm so proud of us.

– I'm so excited, look at us! Did you ever think we'd make it here?- Hey, hey, look at us, hey! Look at us! – Whoa!- Oh my God! How frickin' cute?- Dude, that looks so good.

– (laughs) Whatever!I'll just watch you.

– Oh my God.

Oh my.



– It was suspended in airso she wouldn't drop it.

– (FBE) And we're gonna put itinto the air and take it away.

(Faith laughs)- Oh, okay, okay.

– I feel so badeating in front of you.

– Wow, oh, I'm sure you do!- I feel, I really do.

– I'm sure you do!- I do, I feel so bad.

– Alright, let's just.



– It's very pretty.

– Oh yeah, we gotta get in there.

– I'm a sucker for cake, damn.

– Alright.

– That's about right? – Yep! Mmm.

– Yep, mmm.

– This was worth it.

– Wow! It's not even his birthday!(both laugh) How cute!- Oh, so good! – Again, the best Harry Potter momis the one that made this.

(laughs) – Super dense, super sweet, just so good.

– Oh.

– I don't know, man.

I got a whole range of food, and he just got a cake.

– Oh yeah.

– That's how I like to think.

– (FBE) Are you ready to seewhat the punishment food is? – No.

– (FBE) Yes you are!- I guess.

– Um.

– I'm gonna have to.

I don't have a choice.

– (narrator) And the acid pops.

– Acid pops?- What? – (narrator) When I was seven.

It burned a holeright through my tongue.

– Is it a sour pop?(Izzy whimpers) – This is gonna be interesting.

– (narrator) Into the acid pop box.

– Acid.

(laughs) – (narrator) A bit of cockroach cluster if I told themthey were peanuts.

– Oh my God, you guys!You guys! (laughs) – You did this to yourself.

– (FBE) So don't worry, we aren'tfeeding you a cockroach cluster, mainly because our insurancewouldn't cover it.

– Man! – (FBE) But we did whip upsome pretty disgusting sour acidic cake popsinspired by Honeydukes acid pops! – Oh my God, that looks pretty cool though.

Whoever did all this.



– I hate sour.

– I love sour.

– I really hate sour.

– It looks so good though!- Ooh, the gummy worms! – (FBE) You'll have to eatone bite of cake pop for every food you tried.

– Okay.

– Oh no, I'm so sorry, Tori.

– (FBE) So that's two bites.

– So it's really sour then? – (FBE) It's sour, spicy, and vinegary all at once! – Ugh! – Yeah, I'm very gladthat we resisted.

– Yep! – At least it has sprinkles on it, it makes me feel a little better.

– Ugh!- Don't, Labib! – Ooh, it's sour! – Oh my God, it's so sour!Eh, it's weird! It's such a weird mix of flavors! – I'm so confused.

Oh my God, it tastes like throw up.

– Ugh! (Faith coughs)- You good? – Mm-hmm.

– Alright.

– It's that spice that got to me.

– The quicker this goes down, the quicker the cake goes back in your mouth, think about it.

– Worth it!- She's good.

– (FBE) So how do you guys feelabout all those foods today? Are you glad you triedsome of them? – I'm very happy.

The licorice, especially from the candy, and the tart that we had, what's it called? – (FBE) Treacle tart.

– Treacle tart, wow.

That was like mind blowingly good.

You good?- Yeah, I'm good.

– I'm happy.

(laughs)I'm happy with my decision.

– (FBE) And did this fulfillyour Harry Potter dreams? – Yes! – Honestly, yeah, I kind of like that we did it from the book, too, just because like, for all the book lovers out there, here's some of the foods that you didn't get to seein the movies that we get to try now.

– Yeah.

– I'm very content here.

– We made good choices.

I honestly feel like a boy wizard.

(both laugh) – Hey guys, React Producer Mary here.

Thank you so much for watchingthe newly named Can You Resist EatingHarry Potter Foods right here on the REACT Channel.

Remember if you are lookingfor all that Try Not To content, be sure to head overto the Try Not To Channel.

We love them so much, their stuff is so great, and their punishments are insane.

Honestly, I'm glad I don'thave to do them, so.




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