Week in Hospital with a Newborn + Bringing Baby Home!

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(bright guitar music) ♪ My heart's a little bit dizzy ♪ ♪ Since you spread yourmagic like a pixie ♪ ♪ My whole world ♪ ♪ My whole world's spinning ♪ ♪ Round and round and round and round ♪ ♪ You turn– ♪ (baby sneezes) – [Stephen] Oh cute! Hi guys.

Welcome to day five at the hospital.

We have had quite the crazy week.

If you missed our last video, we are currently.



We are parents.

– We've had a baby.

– We've had a baby girl, on Tuesday night.

At 7:44 pm she was born.

She was 3.

5 kilos, 51 centimeters and she is so, so cute.

– We love her so so much.

– So after my night sleep on Tuesday, I woke up on Wednesday morning with the best news.

– It is now June the 3rd.

So our little baby is less than 24 hours old, and I got a call from thehospital today saying, I kid you not, that they've lifted a lot more of the visiting restrictions today.

So rather than me justbeing able to come in from 11:00 till 12:00 and then 6:00 till 7:00, I can come in for full visiting hours.

– And then they changed it and he could come for 12-hour block, 8 am to 8 pm.

I called Stephen straight away, and he came rushing in.

He grabbed Hunter and sat on the chair.

And I captured such a cute photo.

I feel like it was the moment Stephen realized, he was going to be a dad.

It's like my favorite photo.

Always makes me cry whenever I look at it.

(Stephen laughs) – So seeing as it is now Friday, we actually kind of thought we would be home already, seeing as Jess got induced on Monday.

But there has been a couple of issues, we've been dealing with – So the main issue that I've been actually having is with her feeding.

I had no idea that I've been diagnosed with a rare condition with my nipples and it's been affecting my breast feeding.

And you're probably wondering where Hunter is right now.

So she was.



We've been checking up on her because she really wasn't interested in feeding as well, and we found out that she had a little mouth infection.

So she's currently in the nursery.

She's on a little IV and she had to have antibiotics.

But we had some good news because they told us that she was going to have to be in the nursery for 48 hours.

And she's getting better so quickly that she gets to leave after 24 hours.

So this afternoon, she gets to leave the nursery and come back in my room and I'm so excited.

But we now off to go and feed her.

– [Nurse] We put one of these on so it's– – [Jessica] like that? – [Nurse] And then– – Morning sunshine.

Just need to check your temperature.

So, we put it under.

(baby grunts) – [Jessica] She doesn't like it that much.

– [Nurse] Put it underneath.

– [Stephen] It's probablycause it's a little bit cold.

[Nurse] And then we close it.

(baby grunts) (beep sound) – [Nurse] 36.


– [Stephen] She's a little bit hot.

– [Nurse] No, she'smeant to be 36.

5 to 37.


– [Stephen] Oh perfect.

– [Jessica] Yeah.

– [Stephen] You're nice and cozy.

This little slothy.

This is the little sloth outfit– Oh Steve, Let's see her little belly button – [Stephen] The umbilicalcord still on there.

[Jessica] Hello? Good morning.

Oh my goodness, I've woken you up.

(baby farts) Okay.

(laughs) Okay, let's have a look inside your nappy.

– [Stephen] Nappy check time.

– [Jessica] Change her anyway, I think to wake her up a bit, – [Stephen] Oh look ather little foot thing.

– [Nurse] So take this off.

This is for her, to check her heartbeat.

[Stephen] Yeah, – [Jessica] My heartbeat.

She was going pretty good, Now let's see if it's a poop.

Oh my gosh, there's a big poop.

– [Stephen] You did a big poop.

(chuckles) – [Nurse] That noveltywill wear off really fast.

(laughs) – I know when you start her on food, you'll be like nup [Jessica] Yeah, it's funny how everything is still exciting.

Like, “oh my gosh, a poop.

” Guess who just got herlittle nose thing out? Yay.

(baby coughs) (Stephen laughs) You don't wanna kiss me? Okay, Oh, ready? – Oh she's doing a little suckling.

She's feeding.

Good girl.

See? Food is nice.

– [Stephen] Food is so good.

– Is it weird seeing her feed and not just falling asleep? (chuckles) – [Stephen] It's so good she's so awake.

Oh this makes daddy happy.

– She just likes to stare into your eyes.

– [Stephen] Yeah, it's so good.

– She's trying to poop.

♪ Another high another low ♪ ♪ Above the noise of stuck below ♪ ♪ Don't lose your spirit ♪ ♪ Weighed down and out of steam ♪ ♪ Storm around has got your beat ♪ ♪ Don't lose your head ♪ – So real quick.

I want to show you this little clip.

We've been calling Hunter our little sloth because her favoritesleeping position right now is curled up on my chest.

I even to commemorate the moment went and bought her a little sloth onesy, which is way too small for her.

(bright piano music) – It's almost like eeriecalm before the storm.

First of all, waking up this morning and it was just me inside the house, of course due to what's going on in the world at the moment, I'm not allowed to stay at the hospital.

Kind of just took it all in today.

Walked around the house, prepared her nursery, got our first kind of family pajamas ready for our first night because today we're bringing her home.

You're gonna let us go home today? It's Sunday after all.

Good morning.

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Now let's head back to the video.

Guys, it is officially Saturday.

We have our little– – [Jessica] Stephen it's Sunday, – Oh so it's Sunday – [Jessica] I've been here for basically a whole week.

– Wow, who's in the hospital for a whole week? It should be Monday that you came in then.

– No, to be honest, I'd bet you there's other people that have to stay way longer.

So I should be happy, but we're just happy cause she is healthy and happy and feedingand ready to go home.

– And she's back in our room last night, she came here and it was kind of cool because yesterday we learned how to give her a little bath.

– [Jessica] It was so cute.

– It was so cute.

She kinda liked it.

– [Jessica] Oh no, she loved it.

She just didn't like the naked bit.

She loved the water.

– She's doing a stretch at the same time.

Which way am I putting her? That way?- [Nurse] Yep.

– I'm free.

– [Nurse] Good morning.

(chuckles) – Look at you.

[Nurse] So strip heroff down to her nappy.

– Oh there you go.

Just she's feeling nice wet nappy, you know about the lining? Oh yeah she does have a wet nappy – [Stephen] Oh yeah.

– [Nurse] So leave it on for now.

[Jessica] Okay, – [Nurse] Take it offshoulders wiggle a little bit.

– Yes.

– [Stephen] Smack her out of it.

– [Nurse] Here getting washed – So like this is the smug bit? – [Nurse] Yup, beautiful.

– Ready? Then you were saying at least grab a little bit of water.

For that surface on her head (baby grunts) That's it.

– [Stephen] What's that like? – Oh my gosh.

This is cool.

So I just might add alittle bit (indistinct) – Ooh.

(baby grunts) – [Stephen] It's probably (indistinct) – Yeah I always wonder if her head is still sore from the vacuum.

– [Stephen] Well, shemight be enjoying that.

– Cannot tell if shehas curly hair or not.

That's been the big question.

– [Stephen] Is that a smile? It's not a smile yet probably.

– [Nurse] So just like that.

– [Jessica] Okay.

– [Nurse] Confirm not that you can get any mark that's there.

and you're only usingone cotton mobile ball.

– So I could do one more, if I feel like therewas a bit more in there.

– Absolutely.

– Oh mine's a little bit cold.

Oh, she's trying to eat it.

Look at you.

Oh and around here.

It's a bit cold – Yeah, – You've got something in her mouth (baby cries) Our bath is not.



Do you feel comfortable enough to let you hand go at the bottom? – Oh I do.

– Yeah, so let go.

And now you've got that hand.

– Look at it.

I can just get out curly hair.

Look at her hair, Steve.

– [Stephen] Oh yeah, Ithink that's curly hair.

(bright guitar music) – Yeah, I think you'regonna let us go home today.

You're looking very cute in your jammies.

– Show them the little like meme you sent to the family.

Where it was like, Hunter pondering when she wants to leave the the hospital.

Hunter deciding that she wants to stay for an entire week.

– It's gonna to be strange.

You're gonna go outside for the very first time.

You don't even know whatthe outside feels like.

– I hear you should document it.

It is currently.



We had a sunny week all week.

The day it starts to rain is the day you're going home.

That's why we put her in her little, oversized too big comfy pajamas.

– You're just so happy now.

– [Jessica] Such a dad moment right now, trying to get out of the hospital.

I've got how many things and what are you holding right now? Just the most important thing.

– A very sleepy baby.

– [Stephen] We came in without a package.

And now we're leavingwith a little package.

(bright piano music) ♪ Caught up in the night ♪ ♪ As the constellations go ♪ ♪ Wandering our eyes ♪ ♪ As our story now unfolds ♪ ♪ Holding on to all that we could be.

♪ – Already, welcome home Hunter.

– This is so weird.

I can't believe I'm home.

– It's been a week.

– It looks really clean.

– Oh, thanks.

First night at home, – Hi baby.

– Have you just claimed the big bed because we didn't get your bassinet for you to just come chill with us.

– Look how cute she is.

(baby farts) (laughs) She's a little fart machine.

– Classic.

– That's her saying that it's food time.

– [Stephen] Yeah.

– Hey baby, – Do you wanna eat because you kind of need to eat.

(smooches) – It's a hard life beinga newborn, isn't it? Mom and dad need to feed you.

– You're choosing sleep and fall outs.

– It's true.

Oh now you want food.

– Morning.

– Alright, let's get you some food.

– Okay.

– Got a little baby bed.

– Guys this is dangerous.

One week being a parent and– – Already matching.

– .



already got ourmatching family pajamas.

This is dangerous fun.

– It's finally time to put her in her bassinet for the very first time.

This is so surreal.

She is so sleepy.

Alright, time to go inside your little sleeping sack.

What do you think? – I think she just wantsher arms up in the air.

– Oh my arms.

– You lose arm privileges.

Cause we found out that those arms wake yourself up.

– She loves touching her face.

bye bye arms, bye bye arms, – Big yawn.

– Oh, goodnight.

I cant stop kissing your little cheeks, goodnight.

– Feel good to be home.

– Yes, I was just saying to Stephen, I feel like the weirdestpart of the whole week was that was the longest that Stephen and I have ever been a part, like not sleeping inthe same bed or anything for how long– – Wow years.

– .



like 10 years orsomething like that.

And who knows the hardest parts.

Every night when Stephenwould have to leave that was like the suckiest part.

But what we would do is we would always call each other and then Stephen wouldput on Stephen master chef and he would cook dinner in front of FaceTime, wear his little chef hat and then Hunter and I would just watch him cook.

And I feel like that was like my favoritepart of each day.

So it actually feels so nice to finally be in thesame house all together.

– But it's crazy that just one week ago, we were like walking down the beach– – Trying to get into labor.

– Trying to get into labor.

And now– Were trying to walk this baby out now.

Wow, one week later, we are here in the house.

This is so cool.

But this is definitely not how we anticipated our first week going.

So I'm hoping you enjoyed us, kind of like filming around the hospital while she was in the special ward area.

But yeah, thanks so much guys.

– We're all good and all healthy now.

– Yeah, it's all good now, but thanks so much for watching and I'm sure we have so manyfun videos coming your way.

We'll see you guys next time.

– Bye.


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