How To Thicken Potato Soup Top Guide 2021

Who does not enjoy a rustic, tender, filling curry soup on a chilly day?

Whenever you make a pot of potato soup, then you would like it to be creamy and thick. Producing your own curry soup can occasionally lead into the broth being too thin for the liking.

You may be asking yourself,”how to thicken potato soup, so it is fine and sweet?” Well, you will find ten different techniques which you could do to create your curry soup creamier.

The very first thing that you need to do is determine if the taste is strong enough. If the taste is not strong, you wish to boil off some of those surplus water within your soup. This won’t only strengthen the curry taste but also add a few depth.


Based on the kind of soup you’ve created, you will find ten things you could do to create your soup thicker and more tasty.

The apparent answer to”the way to thicken potato soup?” Is to include cream. It’s possible to use a couple cups or tablespoons, depending on how thick you want your soup to be.

Adding lotion into a curry soup will give it a richer taste and a silkier mouthfeel. If you do not have some lotion available, you may add milk or dairy solution, though your soup won’t be as creamy as you return in milk percent. It follows that whole milk will result in a creamier soup than two per cent milk.

When you include cream, don’t forget to avoid boil the soup then; differently, the cream, or other milk, can curdle — destroying your entire soup.

Combine a cup or 2 of your curry soup using a food processor or blender, maybe not the entire pot of soup, however. You would like to put in just a tiny body to your own soup but maintain the curry chunk goodness.

If you do not have some cream or milk product to grow your curry soup, then you may add some slices of bread into your soup.

Rip the bread into little pieces and allow them to soak in roughly two cups of your hot potato soup until you puree it and stir it back in the remainder of the soup.

Plain yogurt is quite much like cream once you add it to soup; it only has a lighter texture to it. You will also discover that it leaves your soup with a tangy flavor you’ll love.

Historically-speaking, nuts had been the very primary soup and soup thickeners. Grind up a couple of nuts till they’re totally crumbed and only on the point of turning into a glue.

In a bowl, then whisk a few of this soup in with all the nuts and pour that in the remainder of the soup, stirring to blend.

Try out this exceptional curry soup recipe utilizing nuts!

This may sound fancy, but do not worry, it is easy to do.

Knead together equal parts flour and butter until it forms a thick paste. Then stir that glue into a soup until it is dissolved completely.

To thicken 1 spoonful of soup, then use 2 tbsp of flour and 2 tablespoon of softened butter in a bowl, and then knead them together with your palms. You will be aware that the mix is done once it begins to feel crumbly. Insert these crumbles just a little bit at a time to a soup right until you take it off the burner to function until you have reached your desired depth.

Adding before manié resembles creating a reverse-roux. In addition, it is a wonderful method to thicken your curry soup in case you don’t possess lotion.

Starch will thicken any soup and give it a much larger body. You have to stir in a couple of tablespoons of your choice of starch to a little bowl of your soup before mixing it in the primary pot of soup.

By putting the starch to a little bowl of soup before adding it into your principal pot of soup, then you are preventing the starch out of clumping up and leaves it split evenly in your soup.

You are able to add about a cup of instant potato flakes to thicken your curry soup and include a stronger curry taste. Simply add the batter to your soup in the end of the cooking process when it is set to simmer, then cover the pot and wait about five minutes prior to serving.

1 cup of potato batter will include approximately two quarts of soup, together with adding a lot of human anatomy to your own soup.

Should you want a dairy-free choice, use coconut milk. Adding a quarter cup of coconut milk can create your curry soup exceptionally creamy without radically changing the soup’s flavor.

To get a subtler coconut taste, utilize less coconut milk.

Steak and cheese go great together, thus a fantastic way to add some depth to your own curry soup would be to bring the cheese after your soup is cooked.

You are able to add about a cup of shredded cheese to the entire kettle, more if you need your soup thicker, or you could add shredded cheese into your personal bowl.

The best cheese to use in curry soup is Monterey jack or cheddar cheese since they work the best together with the curry taste, but you may use any cheese that you need or have.


The way to thicken potato soup? Listed below are just ten of the greatest things which you could do to create your curry soup thicker and more flavorful. It is possible to observe these strategies and suggestions are not difficult to do and just require a couple of tools and ingredients you’ll be able to see in your kitchen.

You are able to use these ideas and tricks to some soup, not simply curry soup — they work like magic!

Hopefully, you have learned some simple methods for answering the query,”How to Reduce potato soup?”

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