How To Corrupt A Word File Top Guide 2021

After the word file becomes damaged or corrupted because of some reason, it can not open by its particular program. Are you seeking a way on how to corrupt a word document? Following that, you’ve arrived at the ideal location. No matter your purpose would be to corrupt the Microsoft word file, it is possible to refer to this manual. In this post, you’ll be able to understand the way you’re able to corrupt a phrase document as well as the way you are able to uncorrupt word document without difficulty.

How to Corrupt a Word File
Summary of Corrupting Word Document
When to Corrupt Word Document
The best way to Uncorrupt an Word Document
Part 1: How to Corrupt a Word File?

If you would like that a specific document doesn’t become open, you then are able to corrupt it. A corrupt word document becomes inaccessible and unreadable. When you attempt to open a corrupt word document, you’ll find an error stating the record can not be read since it’s corrupt or there’s some problem using it.

From time to time, the document also gets corrupted unintentionally, including a virus attack, or system crash. But, there are a whole lot of users that wish to corrupt the term file intentionally and each user has its own reason supporting this. You could also find different online tools that may help you to tainted the term record. However, have you ever wondered whether they’re safe to use or not? Possibly yes, and that is why you’ve arrived at this particular post. So, there’s also a easy method to some corrupt word document on the point it is possible to use without relying upon any internet document corrupter.

1. Rename the Document Extension
The process of word record corruption begins with renaming the file extension. To try it, click on”Start” in your system and after that, you want to form”Folder Options”. Then, hit”Enter” to start the”Folder Options” dialog box.

Now, once you’re on Folder Options dialog box, then tap the”View” tab and then, uncheck the”Hide Extensions for Known File Types” box. After that, click “Apply” to save changes. In the end, click on”Ok” to close the dialogue box.

After that, proceed into the location of this term document file you need to corrupted using Window Explorer. Then, right-click on the file and select the”Rename” option to switch the file extension.

2. Open with Notepad and Duplicate Error Code
After you may rename the file extension, start the file with notepad. Following that, you will understand the error code composed in the notepad for this record and replicate that error code and then store someplace in a different new file. If you would like to return the file in a readable type, then you are able to take action in the code.

3. Compress the Document and Pause the Progress
At length, right-click the file and select either”Zip” or”Compress” and today, wait till the document begins to zip. When it begins, pause the procedure. The new compressed file will be generated, however, the zip file doesn’t include the whole file. Next, extract the file from the compressed zip file and also once you attempt to open the file, it won’t be open.

Part 2: Summary of Corrupting Word File:

Each file on the machine is saved in the kind of digital data. It consists of specific content and construction. After the structure and content of this document are present at the proper places, it functions normally. But if any incorrect content is completed to the document, or when the ideal content is composed in the wrong location, then it contributes to document corruption. Moreover, there may be additional motives for Microsoft word corrupt document, for example bad sectors in your system hard disk. When you attempt to open a corrupt document , it might show you a mistake or might not open in any way.

Consequently, if you would like to corrupt the working record knowingly, then it means that you wish to help it become unreachable and others or you can not open it. It’s almost always better to understand the consequences of the actions you will do. Therefore, should you have to produce a specific word file tainted then there may be opportunities that you can not open it . Without doubt, there are lots of third-party tools accessible to corrupt the term document, but occasionally, even strong tools can not fix a corrupted word document.

Therefore, it’s far better to choose a copy of this term document you’re likely to corrupt since you might never know when you’re likely to require the document you’ve corrupted.

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Part 3: When to Corrupt Word Document:

The question”the way to corrupt a word document so that it will not open” informs one reason why folks wish to corrupt word document. The chief reason people corrupt the term record is if they would like to create someone idiot, such as their manager, or professor, or even buddy.

Normally, those who struggle with their project they can not finish on time need to create a corrupted file. They also tainted their project file so that if their instructor or boss attempts to start it, they get an unexpected error which appears to like internet or technology difficulty. Thus, whenever you’ve allocated the project, however you can not finish it on time, then the best thing you could do is to corrupt your project record.

There’s not any other significant motive to generate a tainted word document on goal. But if a person has corrupted your significant file blatantly, then do not panic because there’s also a remedy to get back your broken document in stable state. You are able to use reliable word fix applications to fix your corrupted word document.

Part 4: How to Uncorrupt a Word Document

Fortunately, there’s software available that may corrupt or correct a corrupted word document. However, to meet the purpose, you’ll require a strong instrument. And also the most effective instrument to resolve the corrupt word files would be to use Stellar Phoenix Word Repair.

1. Free Download Stellar Phoenix Word Repair
If you ended up with a corrupt word file afterward Stellar Phoenix Word Repair can assist you in these problems. It’s a easy-to-use tool which could fix the term document with no type of modification such as fonts, images, original text, links, and headers, or footers. It provides the three Easy repair alternatives Advance and Raw Recovery. What’s more, in addition, it provides 3 different previews of Word file, such as Complete record, Indices Text, Text, and RAW Text.

The very best thing is it’s that the free tool you’ll be able to attempt to thus, download the program from the official site and understand that the wonderful software features.

The instrument can mend a good deal of corruption errors associated with word files and it may repair word files which become inaccessible or reveal a few unexpected characters.
You may even preview the scanning result before saving mended word documents or you are able to preview in 3 different formats.
The program can assist you to learn the place of corrupted word documents or files. It performs a fast search to search for the desired document on your own system.
2. The Way to Uncorrupt a Word Document
It’s simple and easy to corrupt a word document with applications like Stellar Phoenix Word Repair and here are the steps on the Way to corrupt a word document using the application:

Step 1: Download the Program

To begin the process, see its official site and get the free program on your own PC. After that, install and execute it.

Step 2: Select tainted word document

Thereafter, click “Select document” to opt for the tainted word document or click the”Select folder” to hunt the corrupted word files in a special folder. Or, click “Locate File(s)” to search files from the driveway.

Step 3: Begin the repair process

After picking out the corrupted files that you would like to fix, click the”Scan” button to start out the fixing process.

Step 4: Save repaired word file

When the repair process is finished, it is possible to save the fixed word file at the default place or may save it into a new folder.

Notice: You can opt for the Advance Repair alternative if Straightforward recovery unable to offer you desired results. The progress repair is stronger that will capable to a uncorrupt desired term file for certain.


Thus, you do not have to be based on the internet file corrupter instrument to corrupt the word file. With just changing the file extension, you are able to produce the file shaky, and in this particular post, the comprehensive measures are provided on the way best to corrupt a word record. What’s more, in case you ever wish to corrupt the corrupted document, then Stellar Phoenix Word Repair will assist you to fix the record without doing any alterations. It’s not hard to use software which you could use to open the corrupt word document at the readable shape.

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